Construction jobs are up more than 5,000 in the Houston metro area, according to a new report.

The job gains were due to more people applying for construction jobs in the metro area than in other states.

The total of 3,000 construction jobs was up over the previous month.

The jobs report is part of the firm’s “Employment Trends” series.

The report provides an overview of job trends and jobs available in a given market.

The job growth is due in part to the expansion of and the growth in the number of companies applying for government contracts.

The report also found that the average hourly wage for construction workers is up nearly 5% since February.

The number of jobs available to construction workers has increased by 5,837 since February, while the number available to other construction workers decreased by 2,065.

The average hourly salary for construction employees has increased 5.6% since March, compared to an average increase of just 2.6%.

The median hourly wage was $18.13 for construction positions in March.

The Houston metro has more than 3,400 jobs available for construction, according a statement from the company.

The Texas Department of Transportation is offering an additional 1,800 construction jobs for new construction and 1,000 new construction positions for existing construction, the statement said.