Kroger is opening a new retail store in Miami, the first in the U.S. and the fourth in the world.

The new store will be in the same shopping center as the existing Kroger store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The news comes a day after the Kroger announced that it is hiring over 50 employees in the United States.

The company is hoping to expand its presence in the Miami area in the coming years, said Tim Rains, president and CEO of Kroger.

The Kroger Miami store will serve the needs of its customers and employees, including the growing Hispanic market.

Kroger said the store will provide a diverse selection of groceries and specialty foods, as well as fresh produce, meats, and seafood.

It also plans to open a new, smaller store in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the near future.

The Miami store is a significant expansion of the current Kroger stores in Florida.

Kroenke opened the new Kroger on March 6.

It is the third Kroger to open in the region.