You may not have seen it on the ice, but a burger joint in St. Louis has been taking the best parts of the burger scene and re-imagine them into a delicious sandwich. 

The St. Paul Sandwich Shop, in a former gas station on the south side of the city, is one of those places.

Owner Mark Fucile, a former restaurant chef, is a real food expert who has helped transform the St. Paddy’s Irish Pub, the most popular sandwich shop in St Louis.

Fuciles specialty is making burger classics that appeal to different tastes. 

“If you’re not into burgers, this might be the place for you,” he said. 

Fucile started his career as a butcher and later opened his own butcher shop, but the St Paul Sandwich shop opened up to serve diners who had a craving for a traditional Irish-style burger. 

While there are other St.

Paddy’s restaurants in the St Louis area, there is one that has been the home of their signature burger for nearly 50 years. 

That’s because Fucility wanted to make sure his customers could enjoy his signature burgers, but also wanted to create a more authentic and modern menu. 

It’s a tough nut to crack. 

But it has to be a little bit of everything. “

I like a good burger.

But it has to be a little bit of everything.

That’s my motto.

If I’m having a burger and I’m going to have fries, then I need fries.

But if I’m just going to make a burger with a burger, it’s a little more of everything.” 

When you think of traditional Irish fare, the first thing you think about is a beef patty.

But Fucilies burgers are a little different than traditional Irish classics. 

Unlike traditional Irish fries, they aren’t fries topped with gravy, which is the usual way to top a traditional burger.

Fuciles burgers are topped with an Irish ground beef patisserie, which he calls a “patisserie de vin,” which translates to a patissette in french.

The patissery de vine is made from ground beef and onions, and it’s served with a slice of lemonade and a slice or two of french fries.

“When you eat a traditional patissie, you can tell the difference between a steak and a hamburger.

Thats a good thing,” Fucciles wife, Kelly, said.

“You know, the patissier de vines is a little bigger and the meat is more tender.” 

This is the second year Fuciling opened the St Paddy, a new restaurant in the space that was originally home to the St Patricks Irish Pub.

Fuccile said he didn’t want to make changes in the old establishment because it was an integral part of St. Patricks history. 

But the new location also fits in with the city’s overall plan for development. 

One of the first things that St. Patrick’s Day will bring to the city will be more businesses that are able to serve more people. 

Kelly Fucilishes son, Aaron, works at a local burger joint.

He said the restaurant is always packed with customers. 

After working at the St Patrick’s Pub, he went on to start his own business, The Barbecue House, which has opened a second location on South Street. 

At The Barbecues, Fucillises sons family has expanded to the new restaurant and now has more than 30 employees.

Fuctiles youngest son, Tyler, said the family has been open to serving guests from the first day.

“We were in the office and we had a couple people from the city come in and say they like our menu, and we were like, ‘I know that,'” Tyler said.

Tyler, who was born in Ireland, said that for him, being able to share his family’s roots is a huge plus.

“I think it’s kind of cool, because I was brought up in Ireland and I don’t know if you realize this but, the Irish have a tradition of eating a lot of meat and they have a really strong tradition of food,” he added. 

Tyler Fucili said he enjoys being able as a kid to have Irish food and now that he has grown up and has a business in the city.

“It’s something I enjoy, and I like that,” he explained. 

To make his burgers, Fuccils family is also working on another sandwich that is very close to his roots.

Fuchs burgers are one of the most iconic sandwiches in the world.

They are a sandwich with a big patissiere de vino that is served with fries and a side of onions and cheddar cheese. 

You could have a beer and a sandwich and be like, wow, that was a great experience.

Fuchiles wife said