NEW YORK — FBI job applications and foot-locker jobs posted online are being used by criminals to hire employees to perform sex acts, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

The FBI is using its new application platform to hire people who are willing to perform certain jobs on behalf of criminals.

Federal prosecutors are using the application platform and the jobs posted by the website Craigslist to hire illegal workers, the Justice Department said in a news release.

“The FBI does not believe that the FBI should be using Craigslist or other Internet-based platforms to conduct criminal enterprises.

The FBI would never knowingly solicit or attempt to solicit employment for criminal conduct.

But the FBI cannot exclude applicants from hiring on its platform because of a noncriminal, noncriminal activity,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco said.

Criminal gangs are recruiting illegal workers in the United States, especially in the sex industry, the FBI said.

Craigslist is a free-market, online marketplace that allows people to advertise their services and earn money.

Craigslist has grown from an ad site in 1995 to a platform that allows anyone to create an account and post jobs.

The Justice Department has launched a federal criminal investigation into Craigslist and other online platforms that have been used to hire criminal actors, including to hire prostitutes and human traffickers.