Health care administration jobs are becoming scarce in Houston and the surrounding areas, with fewer than 5,000 available for those looking to fill vacancies, according to a new report.

The Houston-area job market is currently experiencing a “severe shortage of qualified healthcare administrators in the Houston area, and this is not going to improve,” said Julie Mardini, the president and chief executive of The

Mardini said that despite the current shortage, she sees some good things happening in Houston, with many jobs available in the area.

“I think that Houston is a very good place to be.

We are very well-positioned.

We have an aging population and we are in a very healthy economy,” she said.

The number of vacancies is also lower than what was forecast last year, Mardinis said.

Houston is currently a major center for the healthcare industry, but as of June 30, 2018, there were less than 5 percent vacancies in the state of Texas, according the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office.

The Houston-Area Chamber of Commerce, which represents healthcare providers, also reported that its membership is down from more than 25,000 a year ago.

The HealthcareAdvocates report comes on the heels of an internal memo from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which stated that the nation’s workforce needs more doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

In the memo, the CMS noted that health care professionals “are critical to the safety of all patients, regardless of health status.”

The department is currently reviewing how it will address the shortage in healthcare professionals, and Mardinas remarks echo a recent statement from HHS Secretary David Shulkin.

According to the, there are currently more than 3,000 people employed in the healthcare administration and administration-related jobs in the city of Houston.

This is a far cry from last year when the city reported only 9,000 vacancies, when nearly all jobs were filled by temporary workers.

According a report from The Associated Press, the Houston-Battelle Hospital had a population of 1,200 at the end of March, but only 3,800 people were employed.