Starbucks is looking to offer a new experience to its customers through the introduction of an in-store “starbucks lounge” and a new service to “bring the company’s brand of comfort to the home.”

The move is the latest in a string of changes the coffee chain has made to the way it sells coffee to customers since its acquisition of grocery retailer Whole Foods.

It said on Wednesday that it will now offer customers a full-service, online-only coffee bar called Starbucks Lounge, in which they can access their cup of joe in a specially designed lounge-like space.

Customers will be able to “select from a variety of beverages and savour their beverage with a full menu of local, seasonal and specialty beverages.”

Starbucks will also offer the “Starbucks lounge in-house” through the launch of a new Starbucks app, which will provide an easier way to get the daily dose of caffeine without having to leave the cafe.

It will also begin offering in-person and online ordering, and a range of other perks including a discount for customers who sign up for its “Starbuck Rewards program.”

Starbucks, which has more than 800 locations across the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, has been the focus of the coffee industry’s most-criticised consolidation in decades.

It has said it will focus on improving its customer experience by providing more tailored products and services, including its new espresso machine and delivery service.

In a statement, Starbucks said it had worked closely with Whole Foods since launching its own store, which it said would be “an even more efficient, convenient and fun way to shop”.

The move comes after a series of changes Starbucks made in 2016 to its in-flight experience, which some customers have complained were inconsistent.

Last year, it introduced a new “pre-departure” experience that offered a pre-depot, pre-pickup kiosk at the end of each flight.

The new kiosk offered customers the option of ordering from an online ordering screen, but they were told to leave their coffee cups and lids in the pre-determined areas.

The company also introduced a “Starlight” experience in which customers were offered a selection of premium coffee, tea and wine in a variety.

It also launched its first “Starstar” coffee shop in the US, offering a selection and ordering of its premium espresso coffee in an area called the “starlight” that featured a wall of green tea.

Starbucks has been increasingly focusing on its own brands and marketing efforts, which include its new Starbucks Lounge service, and its acquisition last year of the grocery chain Whole Foods, which had over 400 locations.

“Starring in the ‘Starbucks Lounge’ brings us closer to our customers by providing a more streamlined and comfortable experience, making it easier for them to get their daily dose,” said Tim Rifkin, Starbucks’ senior vice president for global digital marketing, in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Starbucks Lounge to customers and to provide them with the best coffee experience in the world.”

The Starbucks Lounge will also be available through Amazon, which also acquired Whole Foods last year for $13.5 billion.

Starbucks and Amazon are expected to merge within the next few months.