The province’s Liberal government says it is introducing a plan to streamline the hiring process for government workers.

The Liberal government announced the changes in a budget speech Tuesday.

They include reducing the time it takes for a new hire to apply for a job to two weeks.

The change also means people can apply for jobs at any time and employers can now submit their applications to hire people from the start of their shift.

The Liberals are also removing the need for the government to provide a job description and resume before they hire a new employee.

The province said in the budget speech that the government’s aim is to streamlining the hiring of government workers and reduce the number of new hires in the next four years.

Under the plan, government workers will be required to submit an application online.

This will require new hires to apply in person for a full interview.

A recruiter will also be required.

Government workers who are applying for jobs with the province can expect to get their application in by Oct. 30.

Once an employer agrees to hire them, they will then need to complete a resume and interview process that includes an online job application.

“Government employees have been asking for a faster and more streamlined hiring process,” said minister of labour and social development John Milloy.

“That’s why we are introducing the first new steps to a hiring process that will make it easier for everyone to get a job.”

The Liberals have said the changes will help to boost the economy by increasing job creation, while reducing job vacancies.

The government says the changes are part of a broader plan to reduce the amount of government work done by a government department and streamline its work by eliminating the need to hire government workers in order to make it more efficient and effective.