A search for “Amazon remote jobs” now shows the job posting for “job posting” for Amazon’s top job listing in Canada.

But the listing, which has been available since at least 2015, is not as readily searchable on Google or other search engines as it was before.

And that’s a problem.

The listing, now called “Amazon Remote Jobs,” appears on the website for the Canada Post job posting service and is listed as a “remote job posting.”

The job posting is also listed as being available on Google.

The job description, which lists Amazon’s job postings, says the position “is a regional post office worker in Canada.”

It’s possible that the listing is actually for a “Remote Office” position, though it’s not clear whether it’s a regional or regional-only position.

But that doesn’t make it any less accurate, according to a search for the job listing on Google’s search engine.

“The listing has been updated with a description for a remote office position in Canada, as well as a phone number for an email address for a regional contact, and a link to an Amazon Canada Job App,” Google’s site said in a blog post Thursday.

The job posting also states that the position is “open and open to applicants” who have “a Bachelor’s degree or higher.”

The post does not list any specific qualifications, but the job description indicates that the job is “available for a minimum of 30 days,” which would mean at least 30 days of work in Canada to get the job.

Amazon has had several job postings for the post office job listing that do not indicate a specific job title, such as a temporary posting for a post office manager, a temporary job posting in an office, a permanent job posting and a position for a mail carrier.

Amazon said it is “making improvements to the search results” for the remote jobs listing and is working on an update that will “enable people to more easily find jobs.”

The company is also working to add jobs in other regions and provinces, the company said.

Amazon’s search algorithm for job postings has been improved in recent years, but it still has a long way to go to meet Google’s ranking of the job postings in the job listings service as a reliable source of information.