AUSTIN (AP) For the first time, Texas’ state government says it is going to pay former state employees for wrongful termination.


Greg Abbott said Wednesday that state workers will be required to pay for wrongful dismissal lawsuits against former employers.

That includes those who were fired after the state began paying out compensation to former employees, as well as former employees who were denied employment because of wrongful termination in the past.

In a statement, Abbott said Texas will now pay former employees for the $2.5 million they received for wrongful discharge.

A federal judge in Texas ordered the state to pay $2 million last month to former state employee Chris Houser.

The lawsuit was filed in August by Housar in Austin, Texas.

Housart’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which was denied.

The judge ruled that the state had to pay damages because it had failed to prove Housers wrongful termination claims.