The number of drivers seeking a job in Australia’s summer jobs scheme has surged to more than 11,000 after a major increase in the number who applied to the job search platform.

Key points:Summer jobs program applications have soared by more than 14 per cent to 13,093The program is attracting more than 12,000 applicantsThe average driver aged 25-34 is on the job market for just under 12 weeks in AustraliaIt has become the biggest recruitment drive for the Australian government’s summer employment scheme, which was created in 2009 as part of the Rudd Labor government’s economic plan.

The number of summer jobs applications for the program has risen by almost 14 per one cent to more the 12,074 applications made by the end of July, Statistics Australia (SA) data showed.

This has left more than 13,000 drivers in the queue for the opportunity to fill a vacancy in the summer scheme, and almost 11,400 have taken the opportunity.

More than half of the summer applicants are women and almost half of them are aged 25 to 34, the SA data showed, with men being much more likely to apply for summer jobs.

The figures also showed the number, average age and gender of drivers applying to the scheme has increased.

The program was created to help the unemployed find work.

“We know that we’re getting more and more people seeking summer jobs and we’ve had a big increase in applications in the last year or so,” SA chief executive officer David McEwan said.

“What we’re also seeing is an increase in young drivers, particularly young males, in particular who have struggled with unemployment for quite some time and are in particular need of a job.”

Mr McEwin said the number seeking summer employment was expected to increase as the economic downturn worsens.

“So if we’re expecting that summer jobs will continue to grow, that’s what we expect,” he said.

In addition to drivers, the Summer Jobs scheme is also seeing a significant increase in people looking for trades jobs, as the construction sector is expected to grow by as much as 5 per cent, he said, adding the number looking for truck drivers is also expected to double.

The SA chief statistician said the program was “doing its bit” to help Australians who are struggling to find work during the downturn.

“The unemployment rate has gone down, but the numbers of people looking to work and seeking work is still very high,” he told ABC News.

“There’s more than a thousand people a week who are seeking a seasonal job in our program.”

Mr McCEwan was concerned about the impact of the downturn on people who had applied for summer work.

He said a number of recent initiatives had helped to address the need for people to find jobs.

“One of the things we’ve tried to do is to offer incentives, not only to people who are applying but also to people looking at alternative options,” he explained.

“You can do that by going out to a coffee shop or looking at some of the sites that are out there, and talking to the local businesses about how they can get people in their local community.”

It’s helping people to get back into the workforce.

“Mr McMillan said there was still a long way to go before summer work was back in the headlines.”

People are just desperate for summer, it’s a very long time coming,” he lamented.”

I think there’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot more than just the last few months.