As part of the city’s efforts to address air pollution, Mayor Mike Duggan has announced plans to invest $150 million to hire 200 new air quality monitors and to develop a public health program to help residents reduce their exposure to pollutants.

The new air monitoring program will be in place through the end of 2019, with the first group of people expected to be hired in mid-November, the mayor’s office said Monday.

The mayor’s announcement comes as the city continues to battle the largest fire in U.S. history, which has destroyed more than 600 homes and damaged more than 2,000 businesses, with an estimated $4.4 billion in damage.

The fire broke out on the same day as the U.N. Climate Summit, which Duggan is hosting.

Duggan announced the hiring of 300 more inspectors, adding that the city has already hired more than 700 new employees since the start of the fire.

The additional 200 workers will be tasked with investigating incidents, monitoring and investigating air quality issues, Duggan said in a statement Monday.

Deggan is also announcing plans to build a $200 million public health fund, which will be administered by the mayor, to help with the citys efforts to combat air pollution.

The $200M will be a contribution toward an ambitious public health plan, Dughan said.

The plan is meant to be a foundation for a more coordinated and effective approach to addressing air pollution in the coming years.

The goal is to identify the causes of the problem and build a comprehensive plan to deal with them.