A young and energetic entrepreneur, Sam has been working in a wide range of IT and media industries since the age of 14.

He has a passion for technology, and is currently working as an Information Technology Engineer (ITEE) with a top-notch global software firm.

His current job is at the Walgreens, which has a large number of employees with backgrounds in healthcare, IT and manufacturing.

Read moreSam says he likes the environment at the store: “They have a really good staff, really friendly staff, and a great culture.”

He says he enjoys the team spirit of the store and is happy to work with the team and clients: “The people here really understand what it’s like to have a hard life and to work for a living, so I think I can learn a lot from the team here.

I think they are really good at what they do.”

Sam has worked with companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Twitter Labs, among others.

He loves that the people working there are motivated and have a clear vision: “Being able to help them grow is one of the reasons I’ve stayed here.”

Sam, a former university student, says his main focus is on his career.

He says: “I’m really passionate about my work.

I’m really interested in making the world a better place and I’m very passionate about the environment in Walgreen.””

Walgreens is a great fit for me as an aspiring entrepreneur.

It’s a great company with a great team and an incredible environment.

Walgans is where I want to be, and I love Walgos!”

Read moreAbout the author:Dr John Lewis is the author of a number of books, including ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the New Economy’, ‘The Startup Story’, ‘Startup Life’ and ‘The 3-Minute Work Day’.

He is currently a co-founder of TechRadars and an advisor to several startups, including Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

He is also a regular contributor to TechRadAR and is the creator of The Entrepreneurist’s Guide To The New Economy.