Posted June 15, 2018 07:21:53 The latest jobs numbers out of California put the state’s unemployment rate among the highest in the country.

The number of unemployed people rose to 12.4 percent, which is a new record, the state Department of Employment Development said.

“The unemployment rate in California is at a record high,” said Gov.

Gavin Newsom, who spoke with reporters Thursday morning.

“It is a real problem.”

The jobless rate is a measure of joblessness, defined as the number of people actively looking for work.

It excludes people who are unemployed or underemployed and people who have given up looking for a job because they no longer have a job.

In addition to the new jobless figure, the jobless and underemined figures are also up from the previous month.

Last month, the unemployment rate was 7.6 percent.

Last year, it was 8.5 percent.

The state has seen a massive increase in the number and quality of job openings, and the number is expected to continue to climb as the economy recovers.

But the overall unemployment rate remains at 12.2 percent, well above the national rate of 8.6.

California’s unemployment level has been rising since the early 1990s, according to the Department of Labor.

“There are a lot of folks who are looking for jobs,” said Newsom.

“But we can’t just keep doing this.”

According to the state government, there are 2.3 million people in the workforce in California.

The unemployment rate is lower than the national unemployment rate, but it’s still far higher than the nation as a whole.

The nation has a jobless total of 7.2 million, according a report from the Congressional Budget Office, which calculates the unemployment figures based on current jobless data.

In the Bay Area, the U.S. has a total of 5.4 million unemployed people.

But according to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Bay area has an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent, and Washington, D.C., has a rate of 5 percent.

For the full-time, year-round jobless jobless population in California, the average hourly wage is $23.80, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For part-time workers, the median wage is about $16.50 per hour.

For a full-timers, the rate is just over $12 per hour, according data from the UBS Foundation.