The job market is tough for people who don’t have an advanced degree, or for those who can’t handle the rigors of a traditional job.

And with the economic downturn, those people are particularly susceptible to the lure of accounting jobs.

So how do you get one of those people to take a pay cut to help with your finances?

This post by Business Insider writer James D. Smith looks at the best ways to hire accounting professionals and how to negotiate the best salary and benefits package for each job.

Here are the tips we’ve picked up along the way:What if you don’t need a job in accounting?

That’s okay.

If you don`t need a position, you can still do a little bit of your own accounting work.

But don`s start out by finding out where you can do the work you`ll be earning, and find out if there`s an accounting job open right now that you can join.

For instance, if you work for an accounting firm, chances are you’ve already had one of the jobs advertised for you.

But you might not be ready to make the move to another firm for a full-time job.

Here are the best places to find work in accounting, as well as some tips for finding your next accounting job.

Read more:Pay equity and flexible working hours are two things that are important to accounting professionals.

If you`re not sure where you might be able to find a job right now, check out this list of local job listings:And if you`ve got an open accounting job, here`s how you can negotiate the pay and benefits packages that suit your needs.

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