As the air force prepares to embark on a new recruitment drive, the Department of Defence has released its latest job listing.

The job posting covers a range of roles including Air Force and Air National Guard personnel, military technicians, and a host of other roles that are currently available, including police and firefighters.

“There is a need for skilled, motivated and efficient people to join the Defence Force,” the department said in its latest recruitment announcement.

It is unclear exactly what this job listing will cover.

As well as the Air Force, there are currently 18 other jobs listed for those looking to join in the new roles of Defence Intelligence Officer, Defence Science and Technology Officer, or Defence Engineer.

However, it is unclear if the new positions will be similar to the roles previously advertised.

There is also no clear definition of the “Air Force Job” that will be required to apply for the new jobs.

Instead, it will likely be a combination of the Air National Guards, Defence Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.

That may include those who have completed their training and are now eligible for a new career, or those who already have a position.

These jobs could be a good start for those interested in joining the Airforce, but the department is keen to see how many people apply for each position.

The Defence Force is also planning to release more job postings for the Air Corps and the Army, which will have similar roles and responsibilities.

While it is unlikely that the new role listings will cover the full range of job vacancies, they should be of interest to people looking for new roles.

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