NASA has just released a list of the top tech jobs in the US, and the US is home to a staggering number of them.

The US has about 15,000 jobs in software and software-related occupations, and NASA says there are a whopping 10,000 software engineers, more than double the total number of software engineers in the country.

That’s just in the federal government and not in any of the private companies that are involved in software.

Here’s a look at the top 10 tech jobs and how they compare to the rest of the US:1.

Software developer2.

Software engineer (software engineering)3.

Software architect4.

Software system analyst5.

Software programmer6.

Software and software development analyst7.

Software administrator8.

Software analyst9.

Software security analyst10.

Software software engineer1.

NASA: Software Developer2.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration): Software Developer3.

NASA Technical Services Division: Software developer4.

NASA Flight Systems Division: Computer and software developer5.

NASA Space Systems Division (ASDS): Software developer6.

NASA Launch Support Division: Hardware developer7.

NASA Technology Support Division (TSD): Software programmer8.

NASA Aerospace Systems Division(ASOS): Software security specialist9.

NASA Robotics Engineering Division(ARS): Software and hardware engineer10.

NASA Engineering Operations Division(EEOC): Software software analystNASA is also taking the job of software security specialist to another level, hiring more than 200 of them to work at its mission assurance, safety, and systems engineering divisions.

The positions are part of a hiring spree that has also included hiring about 1,000 IT specialists to fill jobs in NASA’s human resources department, as well as hundreds of engineers and scientists to work in its computer systems engineering division.