Hacker News user “sneezing” says he’s been trying to get a job for about four years, but the only ones he’s found are with medical coding platforms.

The most popular job search sites are all either for tech companies or health tech companies, he says.

“I’ve found some good ones with some good pay,” he said.

The sites are generally small, but often have the same requirements and are easy to use.

The main advantage is that there’s a clear path to get jobs, he said, adding that there are usually multiple companies offering similar positions.

In his search, Sneezing has found two positions.

The first is at a medical software company, he has found the salary is significantly higher, he can be a data scientist and the work is well-organized and it doesn’t take him away from his job.

He also can take his children to work.

The second position is for a tech company, where he is working on some software and has a good relationship with the sales team, he is not a data analyst, but he is an expert in machine learning.

The second position requires an MBA, Sneesing said.

But he doesn’t have a specific plan.

He just wants to be able to get paid.

He’s also looking for a job with a medical training.

“It’s like looking for the right job for you.

If you can do the job, it’ll pay,” Sneezings said.

“You don’t have to go through a whole process of applying for a position.

You just need to go in and apply.”

He said the most important thing is to have a plan, not just be able at the end of the process.