Bank teller employment is set to increase in Washington state in 2018, as the state’s new law mandates the banks to provide the jobs.

According to the State Employees’ Retirement System (SEAERS), which tracks the state payrolls, there are now 6,856 bank tellers on the payroll.

This is up from 6,636 in 2018.

Bank tellers currently make up about 7% of Washington’s payroll, with the median wage of the state currently $46,900.

The jobs, however, are not the only job in jeopardy.

The state is also facing an influx of homeless people, with more than 6,300 people now living on the streets.

In August, the city of Spokane announced that the homeless population had grown from just over 2,000 to almost 3,000, with nearly 1,300 new homeless people entering the city every day.

In addition, homelessness in the Spokane area has reached levels not seen since 2010, when homelessness was at a record high of around 15,000.

Washington State is also the home to a record number of new immigrants, as 1,988,000 people came to the state in 2016.

The most recent census showed that more than a quarter of the population in the state now identifies as Latino.

It is estimated that Washington has one of the highest rates of undocumented immigrants in the nation.

The city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has also seen a surge in undocumented immigrants, with 8,000 immigrants living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The Seattle area has seen an increase in homeless people as well, with 1,700 homeless people living on Seattle’s South Lake Union.

The Washington State Department of Labor reports that a whopping 2.1 million workers were in Washington in September 2018.