DENVER — — –The Denver Broncos need to get back on track after a 4-12 campaign in 2016.

It was a disappointing year for the team.

Denver lost starting quarterback Trevor Siemian and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

There are plenty of questions about Siemian’s leadership and his durability.

He played in just 12 games and had a passer rating of 27.4.

Sanders has missed four games with a knee injury.

But the Broncos’ secondary has been shaky, and coach Vance Joseph has been unable to find a franchise quarterback.

So if the Broncos don’t have a franchise passer by year’s end, they’re going to have to make a trade or get a first-round pick for one.

Sanchez has proven to be a good fit for Denver.

He has a solid arm and is accurate.

He can throw the football and make some big plays.

He should be a great fit in Denver.

This is a good opportunity to re-establish Denver’s franchise quarterback position.

He is a guy who is versatile, can throw a ball and make big plays and be effective.

He’s also going to be good for us.

We can’t say enough good things about Mark Sanchez.

This trade would be the perfect way to get him.

It would give the Broncos the pieces to compete and make it back to the playoffs.

We would be trading away a lot of pieces, but we feel good about the players we’re getting.

The Broncos are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2004 and could be in position to win the Super Bowl.

The question is, how much of the team would be available?

There are so many pieces in this trade, and they are all great.

The Denver Broncos could use a quarterback.

They could use more help at wide receiver and running back.

The team could also use more insurance in the secondary, with cornerback Champ Bailey having a neck injury.

The roster is loaded with talent and is built to compete.

Denver has a ton of talent.

The quarterback position is also a position of need.

If they can’t get a guy, there are players available.

The trade is not done yet.

If the Broncos decide to make this trade this offseason, the Broncos will have to trade a lot more players than just Sanchez.

But if they can find a guy to replace Sanchez, they could have the best team in football.

If not, they will be back where they were in 2016 and could have a good chance of making the playoffs in 2017.

The best-case scenario is that the Broncos can get Sanchez and the team can have a strong playoff run.

The worst-case scenarios are the Broncos trading Sanchez and then trading for a franchise QB in the offseason.

The biggest question is whether the team is willing to do that.

But that is a great opportunity for us to get Mark Sanchez back to being the guy we want him to be.

Mark Sanchez would fit right in with our team.

He would fit well in our offense.

He could be an excellent backup.

Mark would fit in well with our players.

He was a first choice.

He’d be a guy we would be excited about.

The one thing that makes me a little nervous is the team hasn’t really shown a willingness to make moves to improve this roster.

The moves we made in the past to improve the team are the ones we would like to see this offseason.

But we have to figure out what is best for the franchise, and we are doing that.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this trade.

It’s something we have been waiting for, and now we get to make it happen.

You have to understand, this trade is going to take a lot to get done.

We are going to try to find an owner willing to give us the assets we want.

And I think we have the pieces we need to be competitive.

The money is huge, and I can tell you it is going up for us, but I also can tell this deal is going in the right direction.

This deal could bring us back to respectability and be able to compete for the playoffs again.

It will be an exciting time for Denver and our fans.