A smartphone app for Indian users has been launched on the Indian mobile market, and it will be available for download in the coming weeks.

The app, called McAfee Mobile, has been developed by mobile apps developer McAfee.

It uses a new approach to build an app that can be used on a smartphone and tablets.

The app’s purpose is to give Indians a more personalised mobile app experience.

The company hopes to attract up to 500 million users in India by the end of next year.

The McAfee app offers users the ability to access content from over 150 leading Indian media organisations.

The McAfee mobile app will be accessible on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

McAfee’s mobile app is designed to be used by both Indians and visitors from India.

It also has a localisation option for users from India and the US.

The application has been in development for a year, and the company is looking to expand the app to other markets in the future.

McLeaks app is available for free in India and it has been downloaded more than 500 million times in the last 12 months.

The company plans to roll out the app across India in the next few weeks.

In the next four months, it plans to launch in over 80 countries.

The mobile app has already been downloaded in more than 100 countries, and is currently in the beta stage.

In November, Google launched the McAfee App on its platform.

It offered users the opportunity to use the app in both local languages and English.

The new McAfee application will be a good example of how the McLeaks app will change the way people access content in India.

In addition, McAfee hopes to provide the app with a wide user base across multiple platforms, and with the added benefit of being cross-platform and easy to use.