Israeli man has been arrested on suspicion of posting job-application postings on Craigslist for jobs at Amtrak and the Israel Railways.

The Israeli authorities say that the suspect, Arav Shauli, 31, posted an advertisement on Craigslist with the title “Job search for an experienced employee for the rail industry.”

He was arrested Thursday evening after he posted an appeal on Twitter seeking work as a janitor at Amtrak’s rail yard in Herzliya, the statement said.

“The employer of this employee was unable to find a suitable job for him,” it added.

Shauli’s brother, Yoav, said the family was aware of the case and was working to find an attorney to defend him.

“This is a very sensitive issue for our family,” Yoav said.

“It’s a big loss for our lives.”

The man, who identified himself only as Av, had been living in Israel since the summer.

He worked at a small car wash, a local food truck and a local supermarket, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He was an Israeli citizen, he told The Jerusalem Report.

The Israeli Labor Ministry does not comment on Israeli-born workers.

Shavli, a native of Tel Aviv, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with illegally working for a foreign employer and violating labor laws.

The Labor Ministry said he had worked for the Railways in the past and had a job application on his LinkedIn page.

He had previously applied for a job at a local car wash in 2014, but that job application was rejected.