The NHL has seen a modest increase in job openings this year, but overall the job market remains far from fully recovered from the recession.

According to a report released Wednesday, the number of jobs available is on pace to be at or near the lowest levels in more than a decade.

The number of job openings for managers and senior management in the NHL this season was 2,946, according to the report.

That number, along with the employment rate, is the lowest since the NHL began keeping track in 2007.

The report found that there were 4,094 new full-time positions in the sport in October, down from 4,971 in October 2014.

The NHL’s total employment in October was 521,700, down 9 percent from a year ago and more than 40 percent below the year-ago peak.

The league’s total employed workforce fell to 2,073,000, the lowest figure since the league began keeping records in 1997.

The overall unemployment rate for all ages is at 7.9 percent, the third lowest level in 30 years.

Overall, the report found the labor market is generally doing well, with the unemployment rate falling to 6.3 percent, a sign of recovery from the Great Recession.

The jobs report is based on information gathered from more than 15,000 employers, including the NHL, NHLPA and NHL player association.

It is the latest release from the National Employment Law Project, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that advocates for fair and equal treatment for workers in the United States and around the world.