A number of new positions at the spaceflight company are being filled, with the company now hiring nearly 100 positions, according to its job listing.

SpaceX, which also owns the rockets that send humans into orbit, has about 3,000 employees worldwide, including about 1,400 in Florida.

The company is also looking for a senior vice president in the space program, a senior manager in its human resources department, and a senior program manager in engineering.

There are also a number of positions open at the company’s commercial crew program.

It announced the openings last week, citing an “unprecedented” number of openings.

It said the positions will be filled through a competitive process.

The company also announced on Tuesday it will hire two new engineers for the company, joining those it already has.

The news comes after SpaceX hired three new engineers last month.

In addition to those announced last week for its human-rated programs, the company said it has also hired three additional engineers to work on the Falcon 9 rocket.

The Falcon 9 has been flying for the past four years and is one of SpaceX’s most advanced rockets, capable of lifting up to 30 tons to low Earth orbit.

The rocket is expected to enter service with NASA in 2021.