The library job market in Hawaii is starting to look very promising.

A survey by Hawaii State University’s Office of Career Development shows that the number of available jobs has dropped by nearly half over the past two years.

While that may not sound like a big deal, a lack of job vacancies is becoming a very real problem for library users.

“A library job is like a college degree.

You don’t really need a degree to get into it,” says Michael J. Kishida, the president and CEO of the Hawaii Alliance of Libraries.

Kishesida says that even though the number a library job may be available in Hawaii has remained steady, there’s a need for more libraries in Hawaii.

“There are a lot of people who want to learn,” he says.

“I think there are people who don’t want to have to go to libraries.”

Libraries in Hawai’i need to increase their recruitment efforts in order to keep pace with the demand.

And as more libraries across the state open, more library jobs are needed.

Kishingida says the library sector is in need of more workers because it’s becoming increasingly crowded.

“The amount of people [in the sector] is growing,” he explains.

“We’re getting older.

There’s not enough people in the workforce.”

Kishidas also believes that libraries need to take a more proactive approach to recruiting.

“They need to do more,” he notes.

That would allow the library to grow and retain more of its staff. “

Kishidesays there’s always a chance that a library might be able to offer a job to someone who’s already working at the library.

We’re not going to let the library go to the dumpster.””

If a library wants to be more flexible and do a library jobs program, that would be great.

We’re not going to let the library go to the dumpster.”